Technical Drawings and Schematics - Section B
Brake Systems and Related Components

The diagrams shown here are a tool to be used to find the appropriate part in the Master Parts Catalog (MPC). The numbers you will see on these diagrams are NOT part numbers! They are GROUP numbers, sometimes referred to as the Basic Part Number.  Armed with the Group Number, you can refer to the section in the MPC which includes this Group Number, which in turn will show a listing of all the parts that share this Group Number, and you need to choose the actual part number from this list, based on your needs, such as model year, specific application, color/style, etc.

Group Numbers for any vehicle part are all the same, regardless of it's actual application. For example, all Ford valve covers have a Group Number of 6582, regardless of application...meaning a  valve cover used on a 4-cyl. Pinto engine and a HD diesel truck engine would both share this Group Number. Once you look the Group Number up in the MPC, there were be a full listing of valve covers there, and it would be up to you to figure out which one you need, based on the vehicle and engine model year, painted or chrome, etc., and the final part number will be listed.  It's a part number's PREFIX and SUFFIX that denote the final application, size, style, color, revisions, etc.

For more detailed information, please visit How to Decipher FoMoCo Part Numbers - Overview at FORDification.com.


NOTE 1: In the '57-'63 MPC schematics, the applications listed might be confusing. Keep in mind that up through 1960, the models are often referred to (in some of the MPC schematics) as:

  • F100 - Model C
  • F250 - Model D
  • F350 - Model Y


NOTE 2: Model year application is indicated by showing the first year followed by a diagonal line to imply continued usage in all subsequent years until the insertion of the last year of usage which will then be inserted after the diagonal line. If no diagonal line is shown the part is applicable only to the year shown. Example:

  • 60/    indicates the part used 1960 through subsequent models
  • 60/63    indicates part used 1960 thru 1963 model years
  • 60    indicates part used 1960 model year only

The diagrams shown here were obtained from two different Master Parts Catalogs. One covers '57-'63, the other covers '64 thru '72. Listings from the '57-'63 MPC which show 60/ means the part was used from 1960 thru the end of the MPC model year coverage (1963), though the part might also be used in '64-later models. Alternatively, diagrams from the '64-'72 MPC which show an application range as '64-'66 might have also been used on earlier models. As a result, there might be multiple diagrams with the same part, one from each MPC.


Front & Rear Brakes - Typical
1957/63 F100
'57-'63 MPC
Sec. 21 - Page 40
Front & Rear Brakes - Typical
1957/ F250/350, P350/400
'57-'63 MPC
Sec. 21 - Page 41
1957/ Brake Master Cylinder (Conventional Cab) '57-'63 MPC
Sec. 21 - Page 23
Brake Master Cylinder
1961/ F100/250
'57-'63 MPC
Sec. 21 - Page 48
Hydraulic Brake System
1961/ F100/250 (4x2)
'57-'63 MPC
Sec. 22 - Page 108
Hydraulic Brake System
1961/ F100/250 (4x4)
'57-'63 MPC
Sec. 22 - Page 109
Hydraulic Vacuum Brake System with Frame Mounted Vacuum Booster - Typical
1961/62 B500, F350/500
'57-'63 MPC
Sec. 22 - Page 122
1963/ Dash Mounted Brake Vacuum Booster (Midland - Ross) '57-'63 MPC
Sec. 23 - Page 12
1963/ Dash Mounted (Midland-Ross) Brake Vacuum Booster
& Frame Mounted Reservoir Installation (Models F350/700, B500/750)
'57-'63 MPC
Sec. 23 - Page 13
1961/ Brake and Clutch Pedals & Related Parts (F100/750) '57-'63 MPC
Sec. 24 - Page 7
Parking Brake System - Typical
1961/ F100/250 (4x2) & (4x4)
'57-'63 MPC
Sec. 26 - Page 167
Parking Brake System - Transmission Mounted
1957/ F350
'57-'63 MPC
Sec. 26 - Page 168








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